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It's All About You

Whatever you believe about yourself that's what and who you are.


"As real as it can get"

Models for Learning 

Take a Closer Look at Yourself


Who are you? Where are you? What do you want from you? What can you do for you? What can you see in you? Bottom line taking a closer look at you is as real as it gets. When we reflect back over our life I’m sure we can all see areas that are hard to look at, or we have blocked out of our mind because ...... 


Through this faith base program I have been very fortunate in finding my purpose in life. I had hit rock bottom and had no where else to go. I had lost my job and became homeless for a period of time. CAST changed my life in helping me through there program and pointing me in the right directions. Thank you! Jon Richardson

Changing You 


You have to implement a habit in wanting to change from where you want to go. While it might seem very difficult at first but the more you focus on your change it will begin to be effective.

Being responsible for yourself is a great value in your own life. What decision you make today will be with you forever.


Clients Testimony

CAST became the door to a better path in my life. I recommend this faith base program to anyone who has real life issues. Robin McClure 



 1. Changing You

2. Take a Closer Look at Yourself

3. Everyday Wafare

4. Mind Manipulation

5. My Messed Up Emotions

6. The Mind Games that Affect        Your Life 

7. Love Will Set You Free

8. Guilt Syndrome

9. You Are Somebody

10. Feeling Unworthy

I've worked in Corporate America for over 10 years. I've faced a lot of challenges that almost forced me to quit my job. My friend introduced me to Dr. Bebee, who became very supportive in my life. Thank you for all your help!  Karen
A Glimpse To Your Journey
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